Henry Hull House (1840)

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The Greek Revival house at 215 State Street in Guilford was built c. 1840. It was the home of Henry Hull (1813-1885), originally of Killingworth, who married Lydia L Bishop of Guilford on March 22, 1838.

Christ Episcopal Church Parsonage (1835)

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Part of the property of Christ Episcopal Church, at 526 Amity Road in Bethany, is a house that serves as the church parsonage. Only one-room deep, it was built 1825 and 1830 and has later rear additions. The house was restored in 1957.

Conference House, Ellington (1835)

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At 113-119 Maple Street in Ellington is a house built in 1835 with Italianate decorative features that were added later. A large second-floor room, known as the Conference Room, was used by the local Baptist Church when it was founded in the 1840s. This church appears not to have continued to the present day, as the current Ellington Baptist Church was established in 1993 by members who had been previously attending the Somers Baptist Church.

Hope/Holt House (1819)

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The house at 107 Chaplin Street in Chaplin, built c. 1819-1820, is notable for its elaborate Federal-style detailing. The house is called the Hope House in the National Register of Historic Places nomination for the Chaplin Historic District. Johanne Philbrick, who resides in the house, calls it the Holt House on p. 7 of her Historic Homes of Chaplin Village (Exeter Press, 2008).

Talk Tonight at 7 PM at Babcock Library in Ashford

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I’m doing a talk tonight on Historic Buildings of Connecticut at the Babcock Library in Ashford at 7:00 PM. Please come to hear me talk about this website and historic buildings! http://babcocklibrary.org/blog1/historic-homes-of-connecticut-this-friday/

Chaplin Congregational Church Parsonage (1831)

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Dating to c. 1830-1835, the house at 47 Chaplin Street in Chaplin is the parsonage of the Congregational Church next door. It is also known as “Friendship House.”

Isaac Goodell House (1828)

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The house at 318 Phoenixville Road in Chaplin was built c. 1828 by Isaac Goodell. It was later owned by Lester Bill and Newell C. Hunt. Jesse Hunt sold the house to George England in 1905.