Buildings Index

North Road
9 Justin Swift House (1820)
11 Jedediah Elderkin House (1710)
17 Eliphalet Dyer House (1715)
22 Josephine Bingham House (1860)

Scotland Road
4 Windham Inn (1783)

Windham Center Road
4 Windham Center Church (1887)
8 Samuel Grey House (1790)
10 Laura Huntington House (1850)
29 Baker-Weir House (1750/1860)

Windham Green Road
7 Dr. Chester Hunt Office (1790)
9 Windham Free Library (1832)


Chestnut Street
71 John A. Conant House (1894)

Main Street
561 William Jillson House (1826)
967 Old Willimantic Post Office (1909)
979 Windham Town Hall (1896)

Pleasant Street
10-12 Young’s Tavern (1776)

Prospect Street
97 Edwin Bugbee House (1875)
115-117 Jerome Baldwin House (1885)
183 Arthur I. Bill House (1887)
191 Amos Morris Hathaway House (1889)
272 George Tiffany House (1890)
275 Burt Thompson House (1896)
289 Samuel Nye House (1875)
290 Samuel E. Amidon House (1888)
291 William Grant House (1895)
315 Samuel J. Miller House (1896)
321 William J. Asher House (1899)
333 Second Wilton Little House (1896)

Summit Street
183 Joseph Dwight Chaffee House (1889)

Valley Street
414 Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (1958)

Walnut Street
78 Charles Leonard House (1886)
84 (1887)

Windham Road
76 Dwight Potter House (1881)
88 James Reid House (1880)
100 Eugene Boss House (1882)

Windham Street
90 Rev. Edward A. George House (1896)
122 Wilton Little House (1896)


Windham Historical Society

Thread City

Mill Museum (Windham Textile & History Museum)

Willimantic Victorian Neighborhood Association

History of Willimantic, The Thread City

Willimantic River Alliance


A memorial volume of the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the Town of Windham, Connecticut. containing the historical addresses, poems, and a description of events connected with the observance of the two hundreth Anniversary of the incorporation of the Town, as held in the year 1892 (1893)

History of ancient Windham, Ct. Genealogy : Containing a genealogical record of all the early families of ancient Windham, embracing the present towns of Windham, Mansfield, Hampton, Chaplin and Scotland : Part I. A-Bil. (1864), by William L. Weaver

The Leading Business Men of Willimantic and Colchester (1890)

The Battle of the frogs, at Windham, 1758, with various accounts and three of the most popular ballads on the subject (1857), by William L. Weaver

The Story of Bacchus and Centennial Souvenir (1876), by Brigham Payne

Historical discourse, delivered before the First Church and Society of Windham, Conn., December 10th, 1850, being the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the formation of the church (1851), by J.E. Tyler

History of Windham County, Connecticut (1889), edited by Richard M. Bayles

Historic gleanings in Windham County, Connecticut (1899), by Ellen D. Larned, Ellen D.

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