This page begins with general Connecticut links, followed by a listing by town. Please note the individual town pages linked below, arranged by region, with a link to the Towns page where they are listed alphabetically. Click on town links to find additional historic and cultural resources for each town, including links to published town histories available online! So far, the towns listed are primarily those with buildings thus far featured on this blog.

Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

Connecticut Architecture Bibliography

Old House Resources (CT State Library)

Architectural Resources (PVMA)

Built in America (Library of Congress)

Connecticut Octagon Houses

Historical Home (Real Estate Blog)

Connecticut’s Heritage Gateway

Connecticut Historical Society

Connecticut History Online

Connecticut History Resources (CT State Library)

Quinnipiac University’s Digitized Connecticut History Books

The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center (UCONN)

Colonial Connecticut Records, 1636-1776

Stories behind the names of Connecticut’s 169 Towns,0,4022349.htmlstory

Connecticut County Formation Maps

Connecticut Maps

Connecticut Genealogy Book Links

Connecticut History (blog)

Connecticut Museum Quest (blog)

Connecticut League of History Organizations

The Association for the Study of Connecticut History

Connecticut Humanities Council

Connecticut Landmarks

Connecticut Roads

Historic Barns of Connecticut

Train Stations of Connecticut

Connecticut Lighthouses

Lighthouses of Connecticut

Connecticut’s Historic Highway Bridges

Connecticut Town Greens


Civil War Monuments of Connecticut

Connecticut Gravestone Network

Connecticut Olmsted Heritage Alliance

The Connecticut Society (Washington, D.C.)

Towns & Cities in Connecticut

Connecticut Local Histories

Genealogy of Connecticut Towns

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (blog)

Muddy Crayon Lion’s CT Treks (blog)