United Congregational Church of Tolland (1838)

November 6th, 2011 Posted in Churches, Greek Revival, Tolland

In 1719, Tolland‘s first settlers decided to build a meeting house. This simple initial structure, first used in 1723, was never entirely completed. A larger building, with a steeple and bell, was later constructed at the south end of Tolland Green. First used in 1755, it was later suprceeded by the current building, located on the west side of the Green and dedicated on October 25, 1838. In 1893, adapting to changing styles, typical Victorian-era alterations were made to the interior of the church. This included replacing the pained glass windows with stained glass. In 1977, the church was again remodeled to its original appearance and the stained glass was removed. A wing was also added at that time to the south side of the church. Declining membership in the both the Congregational and Lee Methodist churches in Tolland led to their merger as the Federated Church of Tolland in 1920. The Lee Methodist Church was dissolved in 1959 ad the following year the Federated Church was renamed the United Congregational Church of Tolland.

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