Gen. Gold Selleck Silliman House (1756)

September 16th, 2011 Posted in Colonial, Fairfield, Houses

Known as “The Orchard,” the Gen. Gold Selleck Silliman House is located at 506 Jennings Road in Fairfield. A general in the Revolutionary War, Silliman took part in the Battle of Ridgefield in 1777. In May 1779, Silliman and his son were captured in their home by a party of tories who had crossed Long Island Sound in the night. U.S. Navy Captain David Hawley later captured Thomas Jones, a highly reputed loyalist, to exchange for Silliman a year after his capture. Gen. Silliman‘s house was also used as a place of refuge by citizens fleeing the British burning of Fairfield on July 8, 1779. Gen. Silliman’s son, Benjamin Silliman, became the first professor of science at Yale University and the first to distill petroleum.

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  2. By Josh on Sep 16, 2011

    I’ve been working on making the Henry Austin wikipedia page more thorough. I’d love to have your imput on it, since I use your website quite a bit. The photos are not the best, so I will try and get some today that show the buildings better, although pesky trees will make that somewhat difficult. I hope you enjoy.

  3. By Tom Berrill on Feb 1, 2012

    Intresting house! Intresting man! Intresting history! Are there tours of the house available?

  4. By Daniel on Feb 1, 2012

    It’s a private home.

  5. By Owen on Jun 28, 2015

    I enjoy all your posts of Fairfield homes. Have you considered doing a post on the Fairfield home at 110 Elm Street? It was supposedly built by Samuel Wakeman around 1784, and it derives its name (“Bridal Elms”) from the two massive elms that were planted by Wakeman and his bride, Sally Burr, when they were married. The elms are long gone, but the house remains — and it retains much of its historic charm. Something to consider…

  6. By Arlene Marshall on Sep 21, 2015

    I’d love it if someone would do a post at my home on Elm Street . I’d also like to know more history on my house since there is not too much I’ve been able to find in the 40 years I’ve lived in this great house !

  7. By Todd Marshall on Sep 21, 2015

    That’s my mom above ^. We’d love to have anybody interested in our home (Bridal Elms) to contact us for a full tour. Thank You for interest. It’s a pretty cool place with wonderful history. Items exhumed from the grounds are also available to check out. Tons of cool history.
    Todd Marshall

  8. By mark mcauliffe on Jul 24, 2016

    was informed by a fairfield realtor in 1978 that a fireplace opens to stairs leading to a small room in which to hide !!!

  9. By Arlene marshall on Nov 25, 2016

    Hi. I wish that were true . I’d love to hear more about that story .

  10. By Arlene marshall on Nov 25, 2016

    Please let me know who saw a hidden room or who it was that told you that interesting story . I’d love for it to be true but I just can’t imagine where it could be . Anything is possible !

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