Windham Inn (1783)

April 23rd, 2011 Posted in Federal Style, Taverns & Inns, Windham

The Windham Inn is a notable landmark in Windham Center, at the intersection of Scotland Road and Windham Center Road, near Windham Green. Known as the Windham House prior to 1890, the building was constructed in 1783 and was originally three stories. It began to buckle around 1850 and was then reduced to two stories. The three dormer windows were added around the same time. Also added at some point was a front porch, later removed. The Inn, which is believed to be haunted, was converted into apartments in the mid-twentieth century. The inn sign from the 1890s is in the collection of the Connecticut Historical Society.

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  2. By william kotrba on Oct 26, 2012

    Wasn’t there a large extension branching off of the rearheading easterly towards the post office?I have an old bill for room and board dated 1892,at which time it was called the Windham Hotel.

  3. By A. on Jul 21, 2016

    When I was a child, I used to have a recurring dream about this place. In the dream, it was a gray, drizzly day in late Fall. I am supposedly looking around with my parents, as they consider renting it. I see a very small bathroom with rust and blue printed wallpaper and an old white, claw and ball footed bathtub.

    Then, the view is from the outside but I am looking at myself (as a little child, about five) in the window, from someone else’s perspective. I don’t know who that someone is but I’m at the edge of woods and wetlands, looking at the side of the house, with its rows of windows.

  4. By GSC on Jan 28, 2017

    I actually lived in the Windham Inn for seven years. My apartment was on the third floor. I had five rooms, however one was suited only for storage,
    The other residents of the Inn were professional people, Doctoral students from UConn, or professors from there as I was. People came and went during my tenure there. We lived in harmony, in a family atmosphere regardless of who was there when. Some were single, some had children, but all were compatible. They were all my friends.
    During one of our many communal meals together someone made a comment about how a portrait on one of their walls frequently found on another wall over night. Then the flood gates opened and we all started to share our own strange happenings; books falling off shelves…but only those with blue covers, the screech of a closed door being forced open, kitchen cabinets open and closing, and one of my own, when my friend brought her German Shepherd into the apartment, the dog cried, whimpered, and would not enter her room. Otherwise the dog wouldn’t typically leave her side. There were many more, but two numerous to tell. I loved the years we shared, the stories we shared, and we all knew we had a benevolent spirit shared our lives.

  5. By Chuck on Aug 9, 2017

    I would love to see old pictures of the Windham Inn when it was three stories!

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