Timothy Root House (1784)

May 20th, 2008 Posted in Colonial, Farmington, Houses


Adjacent to Yale’s Lewis-Walpole Library, on Main Street in Farmington, is the Timothy Root House. It was constructed for Root, an army captain, in 1784 by the builder Judah Woodruff, who built 21 homes in the town, as well as First Church. Woodruff is buried in Farmington’s Memento Mori Cemetery. The house was renovated in 2001 to house scholars who are working with the library’s collections.

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  2. By Bob Judd on Mar 1, 2009

    I believe this Timothy Root’s father, Lt. Timothy Root, was killed at Breton Woods, NS, Canada in 1745/6 during Queen Anne’s War.

  3. By Bob Judd on May 4, 2009

    Correction: my above post should read Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, vice “Bretton Woods”.

  4. By Richard Hall on Sep 24, 2009

    Wow! Great, Great, Great, Great-Grandad’s house. I’ll have to see it soon.

  5. By Brett Summers on Mar 2, 2010

    Wow this is awesome! This house was built by Jadah Woodruff (my 1st cousin 9 times removed) for Timothy Root (my 3rd cousin 7 times removed) and Mary Langdon (1 cousin 8 times removed) I can’t wait to go see it!

  6. By Eric Root on Sep 10, 2010

    @Bob- You are correct based on my understanding. He was 5 greats for me.

  7. By Mike R. on Aug 17, 2013

    My wife and I lived in this house from 1976-1979.(rented)
    We became great friends with Bill Day, caretaker, and his wife Ruth, Mr. Lewis’s secretary. We spent an evening with Mr. Lewis at his home next-door(housing the Lewis-Walpole Library) We left when the estate was taken over by Yale in ’79. Many changes have been made since then, but we were thrilled to visit in 2008 and were given a private tour of the old place. A great memory for us!

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