The George H. Seyms House (1880)

May 18th, 2008 Posted in Gothic, Hartford, Houses


The High Victorian Gothic-style George H. Seyms House, on Collins Street in Hartford, is attributed to the architect George Keller. George H. Seyms (1849-1915) was Chemist of the Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance and Inspection Company. The house was damaged by fire in December of 2002.

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  2. By Bob Seyms on Feb 8, 2011

    George Seyms was a relative. I beleave he was the father of my grand father(Robert).Anyway, I am planing a trip to the East coast and will be travling in Main and New Hamsure this June. Are there tures of the house? Time permiting I would be interusted in a ture if permited.
    Bob Seyms

  3. By Daniel on Feb 9, 2011

    It’s a private home, not open to the public.

  4. By Darrin VonStein on Feb 11, 2018

    Though David Ransom attributed this house to Keller, contemporary newspaper accounts show William Brocklesby as its architect.

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