Sgt. John Deming House (1667)

June 20th, 2007 Posted in Colonial, Houses, Wethersfield


The saltbox house of Sgt. John Deming in Wethersfield, built in the 1660s, was originally located on Jordan Lane, but was moved to Hartford Avenue in 1951.

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  2. By Katknit on Jun 22, 2007

    Hey, Dan, you’ve been tagged! See:

  3. By Marvin E. Deming on Mar 2, 2009

    I am a direct decendant of John the Settler. Sergent John was the first born of the original John. There were subsequent children, and I actually decended from a nother son, Ebenezeer.

  4. By Frank Deming on Apr 2, 2009

    To Marvin Deming

    I am also interested in genealogy and descend from John through Ebenezer. Please contact me.

  5. By Heather Deming on Dec 20, 2010

    I recently found old geneological papers linking me to John the settler. I am interested in learning much more. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

  6. By Maggie Downie on Aug 27, 2012

    I currently own the Deming House in Wethersfield. Would love any information you are willing to share about your Deming ancestors. Just met one of your distant relatives today.

  7. By Toni (Deming) Franklin on Sep 21, 2012

    I am a direct descendent of John the settler. I am interested in seeing the house. Would that be possible? I have a geneology of my family I could share with you.

  8. By Betsy on Jan 27, 2013

    Maggie, The red house was in my family for generations. I grew up in this house and have house and Deming information. I LOVE the house. What would you like to know?

  9. By Maggie on Jan 28, 2013

    Toni–would gladly show you the house–not sure best way to exchange information through a public feed like this??? Also, I don’t get notified when people post or I would have responded to you much sooner. Maybe find me on FB Maggie Downie message me that you’d like to see the house

    Betsy–everything and anything–stories of growing up in the house, family lore. Are you still in CT? Would love to meet you.

  10. By Steve Frank on Feb 13, 2013

    Wow I just found out i’m related to him as well. My Grandmother was a Deming, how nobody in my family knew we are related to him is amazing. I would love to see the house.

  11. By Rita Kern on Apr 5, 2013

    My sister and brother-in-law’s house in Ridgefield, CT looks like this and is also a historical 1700’s farmer’s home. I had to look twice and then read the article.

  12. By Karan on Apr 5, 2013

    Looks just like the Choate Home on Choate Island in Essex Ma. It is owned by the Trustees of Reservations but was home to Choates for over 250 years. I had the privilege to tour the home several years ago. Only family members are allowed inside the home. Over 90 of my ancestors were born there.

  13. By Ingrid J. Crozier on Nov 12, 2013

    I am a descendant of Moses Deming who I believe had John Deming as father. This John Deming was in the Revolutionary War in Connecticuts 2nd Regiment. Could this be the same one. Moses Deming ended up in Ohio (Western Reserve then). Didnt know there was a house.

  14. By Gregory D. Lucas on Jul 15, 2014

    I am also descended from John the Settlor, through Ebenezer Deming and Sarah Grant (a fascinating ancestor who leads to British kings, as far back as 110 BC), Ebenezer Deming and Rebecca Treat, Oliver Deming, and Lemuel Deming and Hannah Standish (who may be the G-G-D of Myles Standish). It is a line worthy of your research. See “Genealogy of the Descendants of John Deming”, which is readily available. I welcome hearing from any of you who share an interest in the Deming line.

  15. By Jamie on Jul 17, 2014

    I currently live in what is said to be a Deming House in Newington. Some records say it was built by a brother of the Deming that built the town’s historical Deming-Young House. Records are very hard to discern for my house, it is even noted by various sources as being built within a range of a 100 years. When my family bought the house, we were told it was built in 1845 but earlier historic records say mid 1750s. If anyone has any information on this house or knows where I should look, please let me know!

  16. By Jamie on Jul 17, 2014

    To clarify, the house is on Deming Street in Newington and up until a couple of decades ago, was owned by the Peckham family

  17. By Kim on Jul 21, 2016

    I am a descendant of Thomas Deming, the brother of John Deming. I would love to come to this area to see the area.

  18. By Jenni Haines Cargill on Apr 1, 2017

    I just wanted to say thank you for the information and photos on this site. I am currently following my direct maternal line, and it lead me here. 🙂 I am a descendant of Honor Treat … she was my 12x-Great-Grandmother. I had no idea that I had such deep roots in Connecticut! Thanks for everything. If anyone is interested in sharing more, feel free to get a hold of me anytime. 🙂
    Have a blessed day.

  19. By Mary Evans on Apr 10, 2017

    I am also a descendant of John Deming. He is my 9th Great Grandfather on my mothers side of the family. My Grandmother is a Hopkins. This came about when Sergeant Daniel Hopkins (my 5th Great Grandfather) married Hannah Deming (My 5th Great Grandmother)

  20. By Tracey Deming on Jul 8, 2017


    I see that my Grandfather, Marvin Deming, posted here back in 2009.

    Unfortunately, he passed a few years ago and I am trying to pick up where he left off!

    If anyone has any information about the Deming line, I would love to hear from you! I will also be more than happy to share what I have as well!



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