Elam Case House (1790)

December 14th, 2017 Posted in Canton, Colonial, Houses

The house at 271 Cherry Brook Road in Canton was built c. 1790 by Sgt. Daniel Case for his son, Elam Case (1772-1848). The upstairs fireplace has “ELAM” carved in the stone base. A later owner, William Elliot, built a pool to replace an ice pond that was destroyed in the Hurricane of 1938. The pool is fed by a brook that comes downhill through a pine grove set out by Benjamin F. Case, Elam’s grandson, who was born in the house. As related in Reminiscences (1908), by Sylvester Barbour:

Mr. Rollin D. Lane, a Canton boy, early orphaned by the death of his father, relates to me a pleasing incident in the life of another of those early Canton men, Mr. Elam Case, grandfather of Benjamin F. Mr. Case’s family lost a little household article, of no great value, and Rollin happened to find it, and he promptly returned it. Mr. Case proceeded to reward him, and, in doing that, to leave on the boy’s mind an impression that would probably never be effaced. He said to the lad, handing out 25 cents: “Here are 12½ cents for your finding the article, and 12½ cents for your honesty in returning it.” In those days one of the pieces of silver money was one stamped 12½ cents, and commonly called ninepence. Such a fatherly address of commendation of a good deed is worthy of imitation by actual parents.

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