Henry Barbour House (1760)

December 6th, 2017 Posted in Canton, Colonial, Houses

The house at 225 Barbourtown Road in Canton began as a story-and-a-half house, built around 1760 by Moses Gaines, who was married to Lucy Barber. He sold it to John Barber, Jr., in 1775. It was acquired by Henry Barber/Barbour in 1819 and in 1822 he added the second floor and attic, reusing the original attic beams. The house was later owned by the Gillette family. In 1930, Kent Gillette sold the house and extensive property to F. Morgan Cowles, Jr., who used it as a summer home. Frederic (Ted) Morgan Cowles III, moved into the house with his wife, Jan, in 1987. They constructed an addition that is now rented out. In 2007, the couple donated an easement of about 32 acres of the property to the Canton Land Conservation Trust to preserve it from development.

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