Hall-Wilson Cottage (1910)

November 25th, 2017 Posted in Houses, Old Saybrook, Shingle Style

The summer cottage at 11 Pettipaug Avenue in the Borough of Fenwick in Old Saybrook was built in 1910 for the Hall and Wilson families. It was erected on what had previously been the site of the 1885 cottage of Henry Morgan. That cottage was long rented by John Henry Hall and his family. Hall was one of the family that owned the Portland brownstone quarries and was a president of Colt Firearms. The Halls purchased the Morgan Cottage in 1901 and sold it to Ernest Wilson, who moved it to its current address at 4 Agawam Avenue. The Halls then built the current cottage, which was later owned by their grandson, John C. Wilson, Jr. You can read more about the cottage in Marion Hepburn Grant’s The Fenwick Story (Connecticut Historical Society, 1974), pages 114-115.

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