Augustus Post House (1826)

March 24th, 2017 Posted in Commercial Buildings, Federal Style, Hebron, Houses

The large Federal-style brick house at 4 Main Street (the corner of Routes 66 and 85) in Hebron was built c. 1820-1826 by Augustus Post. He soon sold the large residence and it passed through a series of owners that included Dr. John S. Peters and his business partner Abner Hendee. Peters was Governor of Connecticut from 1831 to 1833. In the late nineteenth century the house was acquired by W. S. Hewitt, who used it for his general store and post office. At some point the house was extended on the north side with a frame addition. The west side of the house has an entrance with a twentieth-century shed-roofed portico and the south side entrance was once altered to function as the storefront. The Hewitt family owned the house into the 1970s and it is commonly known as the Hewitt House. In 1978 the house was converted into office space. At that time the current Federal-style entrance on the south side was created.

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  2. By Holly Johnson on Dec 16, 2017

    In this description, it says that Agustus Post Sr. was engaged in “some kind of manufacturing” but actually he started out selling insurance in Hartford. He later moved to Brooklyn, NY and became a banker. He went on to become president of Produce Bank in NYC. His son, Augustus Post Jr. founded the American Automobile Club and was a prominent early aviator.

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