Harry B. Sisson House (1804)

March 16th, 2016 Posted in Federal Style, Houses, Lyme, Stick Style

29 Old Hamburg Rd., Lyme

A house that dsisplays an excellent example of Eastlake-style decorative woodwork is located at 29 Old Hamburg Road in the Hamburg Bridge area of Lyme. The house was built c. 1798-1804, but acquired its elaborate trim when Henry B. Sisson bought the property in 1867 for $300. Sisson, one of Lyme’s most prominent citizens, was a merchant and served in the state assembly and as town treasurer for 21 years.

Other houses in the Hamburg Bridge area include:

25 Joshuatown Road, built in 1821:

25 Joshuatown Rd., Lyme

33 Joshuatown Road, built c. 1770:

33 Joshuatown Rd., Lyme

25 Old Hamburg Road, built in 1825 with significant later additions/alterations:

25 Old Hamburg Rd., Lyme

Further up Joshuatown Road, at no. 83, is an intriguing house, built c. 1700 but with substantial additions in the Federal style:

83 Joshuatown Rd., Lyme

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