Grace L. Raymond House (1925)

January 4th, 2016 Posted in Berlin, Craftsman, Houses

Grace L. Raymond House

Horace H. Raymond (1897-1954) married Grace Lillian Lattin in 1924. Soon thereafter (about 1825) she built a Bungalow style house at 198 Hundson Street in Berlin. Horace Raymond worked as an engineer for The Stanley Works and additions made to the rear of the house contained his own shop. In the early 1930s he took on a personal project: developing a pneumatic operator for an automatic door triggered by an optic device. He patented his invention in 1934. The first commercial installation of his “magic eye doors” was at Wilcox Pier Restaurant, at Savin Rock in West Haven. Another set of his automatic doors can still be found at the main entrance of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the late 1930s he established his own company, Raymond Engineering, which was based in Middletown.

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  2. By Karen Hudkins on Jan 4, 2016

    Another place the “magic door” was tested was Penn Station. Imagine the commuters’ surprise when the door before them opened automatically!

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