837-849 Chapel Street, New Haven (1878; 1882; 1912)

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Chapel Street

Part of a row of historic buildings on Chapel Street in New Haven are two structures with Queen Anne and Eastlake design elements. Located at nos. 841-843 and 845-847, both were built in 1878. They are currently owned by the Young Men’s Institute and the second and third floors at 847 Chapel Street (above no. 845) are the current home of the Institute Library, founded in 1826. Just west is the Optical Building, at 849 Chapel Street, built in 1912 and designed by Leoni Robinson. To the east is the English Building at 837-839 Chapel Street, named for Henry F. English. It was built in 1882, but after a fire a new Renaissance Revival facade by Leoni Robinson was installed in 1898.

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  2. By chris on Nov 10, 2015

    I don’t know where the NR gets Leoni Robinson for this building. Saturday Chronicle newspaper (21 March 1903) and Atwater’s history of New Haven credit it to Rufus G. Russell, and New Haven Museum has a drawing of it by Russell.

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