Old Axminster Building, Bigelow-Hartford Carpet Company (1902)

July 31st, 2015 Posted in Enfield, Industrial, Italianate

Old Axminster Building

Thompsonville in Enfield was once home to a substantial carpet manufacturing industry. In 1901, the Hartford Carpet Company of Enfield merged with the E.S Higgens & Company of New York to form the Hartford Carpet Corporation. Expansion followed and in c. 1902-1905 the company built a large mill building for the production of Axminster, a type of tufted-pile carpet. Located at the southern end of the factory complex, the Axminster Building is a four-story structure with a strong structural system to contain the many massive broadlooms required for production of Axminster. The building’s east end was once a common wall shared with the Color House, which has since been demolished. A new Axminster building was constructed in 1923. By that time the Hartford Carpet Corporation had merged with the Bigelow Carpet Company of Clinton, Massachusetts to form the Bigelow-Hartford Carpet Company (1914). Today the former carpet mill complex has been converted into the Bigelow Commons apartments.

New Power Mill

Next to the Old Axminster Building is the New Power Mill, the oldest surviving building of the carpet mill complex. The date of its construction is not certain: later insurance records date it to 1884, but it was more likely built in 1869. The building has undergone substantial restoration

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