Rock Ledge (1913)

January 20th, 2015 Posted in Houses, Norwalk, Tudor Revival

Rock Ledge

James A. Farell (1863-1941), who was president of U.S. Steel from 1911-1932, built a Tudor Revival mansion in Norwalk in 1911. Designed by Edward Moeller, the original half-timbered building building burned down in 1913 and a new mansion, designed by Tracy Walker and Leroy Ward, was constructed to replace it. A granite structure, the mansion was modeled on Elizabethan country homes, the architects having been sent to England at Farell’s expense to do research for the building. Called Rock Ledge, it was used as a summer home by Farell. The mansion’s later owners included the Sperry Rand Corporation, which developed the UNIVAC business computer on the property, and Hewitt Associates. Located at 40 Highland Avenue in Rowayton, The mansion is now owned by Graham Capital Management LP and is known as the Rock Ledge Financial Center.

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