Whitfield Shore (1985)

January 13th, 2015 Posted in Apartment Buildings, Guilford, Modern


The developer of the Whitfield Shore condominiums, built in 1985 on the site of an old restaurant named Berenice‚Äôs, 446 Whitfield Street in Guilford, asked architect Wilfred J.O. Armster to create “something wild.” Armster’s modern design has such a distinctive appearance that it has been popularly known as the “Spaceship” ever since it was built. Proposing the construction of such a futurist structure in a town filled with so many colonial and nineteenth century houses led to a heated public hearing; but the building was approved and was built with Armster himself as general contractor.

Guilford Spaceship

Spaceship condos

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  2. By Ananur Forma on Jan 28, 2017

    wow, i drove past this building and got so excited and energized. to me it sits there amongst traditional colonial house and it shouts, “I’m here proud as can be & I’m daring to be me!” I love the shape and the materials brass iron look.

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