Alfred M. Bailey House (1853)

June 2nd, 2014 Posted in Greek Revival, Houses, Middlefield

Alfred M. Bailey House

The section of Middlefield called Baileyville was named for the family which first settled the area in the late eighteenth century. A later member of that family was Alfred M. Bailey (1822-1885), who contributed to Middlefield’s industrial development in the nineteenth century. He established a button factory along Ellen Doyle Brook with Andrew Coe in the 1840s. He also constructed the Lake Beseck Dam, one of the earliest arch-gravity type dams ever built. Completed in 1848, the dam provided a regular water supply for the mills downstream all year long. Raised in 1852 and in 1870, each time by five feet, the dam was rebuilt in 1938. Bailey’s house, at 148 Baileyville Road, was built around 1853. It has a later Queen Anne/Italianate addition and side porch.

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