Church of the Good Shepherd Parish House (1896)

October 26th, 2007 Posted in Gothic, Hartford, Organizations


Over 25 years after designing the Church of the Good Shepherd in 1869, Elizabeth Colt persuaded Edward Tuckerman Potter to come out of retirement and design a Parish House for the church in 1896. The new structure was built as memorial to her son, Caldwell Hart Colt, an ardent yachtsman, who had died at sea in mysterious circumstances. Many of the decorative features of the building therefore have a nautical inspiration. Its High Victorian Gothic style, already well out of fashion when it was built, matches well stylistically with the neighboring church building.

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    Our firm is in the process of preparing a planning study for the National Park Service on Coltsville. We would like permission to use some of your photographs to include in the report. Please contact me at the above email address. Many thanks.

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