Edgecomb-Gates House (1835)

June 13th, 2009 Posted in Greek Revival, Groton, Houses, Mystic


The house at 15 Gravel Street in Mystic was built around 1835 by Daniel D. Edgecomb, a carpenter who made coffins in his basement workshop. In 1847, the house was acquired by Captain Gurdon Gates, who added the intricately detailed porch. The oldest of four brothers, who all became sea captains, Gurdon Gates was known for his record run in 1866 around the Horn in the clipper ship, Twilight. He also commanded other ships, including the steamship, Victor, during the Civil War. After his retirement from the sea, he was involved in business and politics, serving in the Connecticut Assembly. Gravel Street was known as “Captain’s Walk” because all of the homes there but one once belonged to sea captains.

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  2. By Cambridge Homes on Jun 13, 2009

    I found my way here via the Historical Home blog. Your site is a delight! Connecticut has such a wonderful collection of houses. I lived in New Haven for a couple of years and have two photo albums of my favorite houses from my daily walk. I just went through your New Haven pages and look forward to spending more time perusing this amazing smorgasbord of antique houses.


  3. By Heather Smith on Feb 8, 2016

    My grandmother and her husband lived her for several years. My parents were married and had their reception on the front porch in 1963. Beautiful!

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