Squire Beach House (1762)

February 7th, 2009 Posted in Cheshire, Colonial, Houses


The Squire Beach House, on South Main Street in Cheshire, was built by Samuel Beach, a lawyer and prominent citizen who was a leader in establishing Cheshire as a seperate town from Wallingford. His son, Burrage Beach, was a lawyer and a director of the Farmington Canal. The house, which resembles the Foote House across the street, originally faced South Main. In 1986, the house became a restaurant and was moved and turned so that its gable end now faces the street.

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  2. By Eric Anderson on Oct 21, 2017

    The Squire Beach House is a nice replica. I watched with great interest in the mid 1980’s as the original was completely dismantled and this one constructed with new materials, along with being turned to face a different direction as mentioned in the caption.

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