Knesseth Israel Synagogue (1913)

September 17th, 2012 Posted in Colonial Revival, Ellington, Synagogues

Knesseth Israel Synagogue

Knesseth Israel Synagogue was built in Ellington in 1913 by Congregation Knesseth Israel [“The Gathering of Israel”], an Orthodox congregation of Jewish farm families. The shul was designed in the Colonial Revival style by Leon Dobkin and was built partly with funds from the Jewish Colonization Association. Founded by Baron Maurice de Hirsch, a wealthy German-Jewish philanthropist, the JCA encouraged Orthodox Eastern European Jews to become farmers. Knesseth Israel Synagogue was moved in 1954 from its original location, at the corner of Abbott and Middle roads, to its current address at 226 Pinney Street.

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  2. By Audrey Brett on Apr 13, 2014

    My grandmother’s (Eda Levine Dobkin)father, Shmuel levine, was a biblical scholar
    influential in the beginning of this rural shul
    My father, Leon Dobkin is listed in the historical archives as architect or builder in 1913. I grew up learning my religion from the good folks who KNEW the religion and LIVED it!! I was blessed! I now live in Middletow, RI where the local synagogue served a Purim lunch of pizza and hamantashen!!! OY VEY!!!
    Audrey Dobkin Brett

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