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Chrysler House (1825)

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Built circa 1825-1830, the house at 15 Chaplin Street in Chaplin is known as the Chrysler House for the family that owned it for much of he twentieth century. The least ornate of the three brick houses in the Chaplin Historic District (the others are the Whitter House and the Goodell House), all built around the same time), the Chrysler House has been much altered over the years. A front porch, which covered part of the original fan light over the door, was later removed, but the fan light remains filled in. The interior has been altered, with the original central stairs replaced by a large parlor. A notable resident of the house was Sidney V. Chrysler, a puppeteer whose puppet theater was housed in an ell of the house. The theater is now part of the collections of the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry at UCONN.

Old Chaplin Town Hall – Chaplin Museum (1840)

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At 1 Chaplin Street in Chaplin is a small Greek Revival building erected in 1840 as the Town Hall. The current Chaplin Town Hall is located at 495 Phoenixville Road. The old Town Hall is now the Chaplin Museum.

Major Edwin Eaton House (1835)

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Major Edwin Eaton (died 1873) was involved in the lumber business and was a carpenter-builder in Chaplin. He constructed many homes there in the early nineteenth century, including his own residence, built around 1835. Located at 342 Phoenixville Road, the house was owned in 1855 by John William Griggs (1822-1897), who was a decon of the Congregational Church.

Deacon Darius Knight House (1825)

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The house at 93 Chaplin Street in Chaplin has been dated variously to 1840, 1832 and 1825. It was the home of Deacon Darius Knight. The house next south on Chaplin Street, just past the intersection with Tower Hill Road (87 Chaplin Street), was the home of E. W. Day, so the intersection became known as Knight and Day Corner. The Knight House was later home to a minister and a doctor.

Ephraim Perkins, Jr. House (1800)

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The Town of Chaplin is named for Deacon Benjamin Chaplin (1719-1795). He was a wealthy landowner who bequeathed the funds to establish an ecclesiastical society and construct a meeting house for his community, which would be incorporated as a town in 1822. Before his death, Chaplin sold a plot of land to his son-in-law, Ephraim Perkins (1745-1813), a veteran of the French and Indian War. Chaplin’s Congregational meeting house would be built on a half-acre of this parcel in 1815. Perkins, who had moved to Becket, Massachusetts, upon his marriage to Mary Chaplin in 1771, later gave the rest of his land in Chaplin to his son, Ephraim Perkins, Jr. (1773-1851). On that land the younger Ephraim built the house that stands at 28 Chaplin Street. According to Part III of The Family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Massachusetts (1889), by George A. Perkins, Ephraim Perkins married Lucy Merrick on January 1, 1800 and “They resided five years in Mansfield, Conn. [Chaplin was then part of Mandfield], removing in 1805, to Trenton, Oneida Co., New York.” In 1840 they moved to Wisconcin. The Perkins House in Chaplin, the oldest on Chaplin Street, has changed hands many times over the years. The property also has an historic horse barn.

Former Chaplin Congregational Church Parsonage (1840)

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The house at 60 Chaplin Street in Chaplin was built in 1840. It was once the parsonage of the Chaplin Congregational Church, before the current parsonage at 47 Chaplin Street was used. There is also a historic barn on the property.

Isaac Eaton House (1840)

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The house at 19 Chaplin Street in Chaplin was built in 1840 by Isaac Eaton (1801-1846). He married Maria Butler in 1824 and they had three sons: Horace, Isaac Lester, and Albert Dwight. Born the year the house was built, Albert Dwight Eaton died in 1851 at the age of eleven. His tombstone once stood in the home’s garden, but was removed when a family monument was erected in the Chaplin Center Cemetery.