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Alfred Harger House (1830)

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The house at 329 Quaker Farms Road in Oxford was built in 1830 by Alfred Harger (1804-1887), the year he married Ruth Beardslee. Harger was a leading surveyor in the region, having learned the trade from his father-in-law Lemuel Beardslee. The house remained in the family for generations.

16 Barry Road, Oxford (1740)

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The house at 16 Barry Road in the Quaker Farms section of Oxford was once thought to have been built as early as 1680, but a date of 1740 is now considered more likely. In the early nineteenth century the house was owned by the Tomlinson family. It was used in the mid-nineteenth century by Preston Hinman for his shoemaking business. Greatly deteriorated by the early twentieth century, Ralph B. Pomeroy purchased it in 1947, removed a later dormer window and undertook the house’s restoration to a colonial appearance.

Leman Riggs House (1829)

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195 Riggs St., Oxford

The house at 195 Riggs Street in Oxford was built c. 1829 by Leman Riggs. A later owner was Wales A. Hubbell (1844-1866), who had a blacksmith shop on the property.

Silas Hawkins House (1795)

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410 Quaker Farms

Silas Hawkins built the house at 410 Quaker Farms Road in Oxford c. 1795. This may have been the Silas Hawkins who was born in 1756 and died in 1844. The dormer windows were added later. A barn is visible behind the house in the image above.

Washband Tavern (1714)

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In 1714, John Twitchell (c. 1699-1739) built a small one-story with attic dwelling at what is now 90 Oxford Road in Oxford. Around 1741 the Washband (or Washburn) family purchased the property and enlarged the house to serve as a tavern. In 1784, coinciding with the opening of the Oxford Turnpike, the family enlarged the building again, adding what amounted to a new house attached to the old one. The Washband family operated the tavern for several generations. Before the Civil War, the tavern was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Hiding places are said to exist in the cellar. The former tavern is now home to Daoud & Associates.

Christ Church Quaker Farms (1812)

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Christ Church Quaker Farms

Christ Church, an Episcopal church at 470 Quaker Farms Road in Oxford, was built in 1812 and was consecrated on September 3, 1817. It was designed by George Boult of Southford. Begun as a mission of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Oxford center, Christ Church became a separate parish in 1826. The church has a crystal chandelier that it received in 1881 as a gift from Trinity Church, Seymour, which itself had received it as a gift from St. Ann’s Church in Brooklyn, New York, where it originally hung. The steeple of Christ Church was rebuilt in 1968.

The Carriage House (1800)

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The Carriage House

Known as the Carriage House, the building at 486 Quaker Farms Road in Oxford was built c. 1800 as a carriage manufactory. The building has been a residence since 1869.