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Griswoldville Chapel (1872)

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Griswoldville is a section of Wethersfield. In the nineteenth century, when the weather was bad, residents of the area often had to contend with a difficult journey to reach First Church for Sunday services. In 1872, a chapel and Sunday school building was constructed to serve Griswoldville. Men and oxen hauled the stones used for the foundation from Cromwell. In 1880, a Ladies Chapel Society was founded, which supported the chapel by holding various events to raise money.

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The Samuel Latimer, Jr. House (1775)

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The Samuel Latimer, Jr. House, built in 1775 near the Cove on Main Street in Wethersfield is a colonial house notable for the fact that it retains almost all of its original clapboards.

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The Ebenezer Talcott House (1750)

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Ebenezer Talcott was a member of the militia in the Revolutionary War and a mariner. His house, a Georgian Colonial on Main Street in Wethersfield, was built around 1750.

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The Roger Butler House (1769)

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 Posted in Colonial, Houses, Wethersfield | 2 Comments »

Owned for more than 200 years by the Butler family, which came to Wethersfield via Hartford in the 1680s, the Roger Butler House, on Jordan Lane in Wethersfield, was built in 1769, although it may date to the 1750s or earlier. The house once served as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

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The Samuel Boardman House (1769)

Saturday, February 9th, 2008 Posted in Colonial, Houses, Wethersfield | 2 Comments »


The 1769 home of Samuel Boardman, a soldier during the Revolutionary War and a manufacturer of saltpetre, is located on Main Street in Wethersfield, near Wethersfield Cove.

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The George Hubbard House (1669)

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 Posted in Colonial, Houses, Wethersfield | No Comments »


A very early date of 1637 has been claimed for the house of George Hubbard, an early Wethersfield settler, on Main Street, near Wethersfield Cove. It is more likely that the oldest part of the house was actually constructed in the late 1660s by the merchant and ship owner, John Blackleach. This would have been a simple one room below with a chamber above. Blackleach also had a textile and silver shop. The house was later expanded into a saltbox. One website claims this was also the home of Nathaniel Stillman III. A modern wing, with seventeenth century-style facade, has been added to the house in recent years.

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The Capt. Charles Francis, Jr. House (1799)

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The 1799 house of Capt. Charles Francis, Jr. of Wethersfield is located on Hartford Ave. Wethersfield’s Cove Park lies behind the house, which now serves as the Wethersfield Cove Yacht Club.

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