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Henry Hull House (1840)

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The Greek Revival house at 215 State Street in Guilford was built c. 1840. It was the home of Henry Hull (1813-1885), originally of Killingworth, who married Lydia L Bishop of Guilford on March 22, 1838.

Christ Episcopal Church Parsonage (1835)

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Part of the property of Christ Episcopal Church, at 526 Amity Road in Bethany, is a house that serves as the church parsonage. Only one-room deep, it was built 1825 and 1830 and has later rear additions. The house was restored in 1957.

Edwin Griswold House (1838)

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Edwin Griswold (1813-1897) built the house at 33 Main Street in Ivoryton in 1838, on land he had purchased from his father, Daniel Griswold. Edwin was the partner of Samuel Merritt Comstock in the combmaking firm of Comstock & Griswold. Comstock had a house nearly identical to Griswold’s built at the same time on the other side of Bracket Lane. In 1903 the house was acquired by Clarence Bushnell. He and Linwell Behrens were bicycle salesmen who in 1904 started Behrens and Bushnell, one of the first auto dealerships in Middlesex County. The house was later owned by Comstock, Cheney & Co. and was also a parsonage of the Ivoryton Congregational Church.

Capt. Dolbeare House (1855)

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The Capt. Dolbeare House, located at 70 North Cove Road in Old Saybrook, is an 1855 ship captain’s home. The house was enlarged and remodeled in 1931, at which time the two-story colonnade on the west gable end was most likely added. The house was renovated by developer John Aldi in the 1990s.

Henry Dickinson House (1847)

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The Greek Revival house at 48 Four Rod Road in Berlin was built c. 1847 by Henry Dickinson, a blacksmith. The side ell is a later addition.

Dr. H. S. Dean House (1820)

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The Greek Revival house at 1104 Main Street in South Coventry dates to circa 1820. By 1857 it was the property of the owners of the D & W Huntington silk mill, located along Mill Brook. It was later the home of Dr. Henry S. Dean (1823-1898). Born in Holland, Massachusetts, Dr. Dean, a graduate of Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, practiced medicine in South Coventry and surrounding towns for forty years. In a 1912 poem celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of the First Congregational Church in South Coventry, Forrest Morgan honored the late doctor:

Not cold in our hearts the physician, best brother in homes beyond name.
Whose face that the kind soul illumined bore healing wherever it came;
Who not seldom gave life to the new-born, kept sickness a lifetime at bay.
Then closed the cold eyelids forever and paid the last rites to the clay.

Lysias Beecher House (1762)

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The house at 545 Amity Road in Bethany was built in 1762. It faces south, parallel to the road, and is built into a hillside. The earliest known conveyance of the property was in 1851 from Lysias Beecher to David Beecher and William M. Hull. It passed through other owners until Hubert W. Delano acquired it in 1946. It was conveyed to Edna L. Delano (1890-1982) in 1955. In 1996, her sons, Hubert and William Delano, gave a parcel of land south of the house, called the Delano Sanctuary, to the Bethany Land Trust in honor of their mother, Edna L. Delano.