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Caulkins & Post Building (1890)

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Caulkins & Post Building

The building at 484-494 Main Street in Middletown, built in 1889-1890 and considered one of the first “modern” stores in town, was once home to the Caulkins & Post Company. The business sold carpets, drapes and furniture and soon expanded to sell automobiles around 1903. This latter business was so successful that the company erected a building for its car dealership across the street in 1905. The company changed its name to F.L. Caulkins and Co. in 1906.

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Graniteville School (1878)

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Graniteville School

Graniteville, a section of Waterford, originated in the 1830s as a settlement of quarry owners and workers. Replacing an earlier district school that was located further west, the Italianate-style Graniteville School was built circa 1878. It is now home to the Waterford Boy Scout Troop 36.

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Bacon’s Marble Block (1868)

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 Posted in Commercial Buildings, Italianate, New London, Second Empire | 1 Comment »

Bacon's Marble Block

Constructed in 1868 as a grand new three-story commercial block with classical detailing, Bacon’s Marble Block is located at at 128 State Street in New London. It was built by Morris W. Bacon, manager of the Pequot & Ocean Transit Steamship Co., who ran a billiard hall in the building. The structure’s original cornice was replaced with a mansard roof before 1901. Beatrice Cuming, a painter, lived and worked on the building‘s upper floors in the 1930s and 1940s. In more recent years, the building sat derelict for twenty-five years, but was then restored with commercial space on the first floor and apartments above. Bacon’s Marble Block also features a faded Uneeda Biscuit sign. The building next door, at 140 State Street, was built in 1873.

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Middlesex Mutual Assurance Building (1867)

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Middlesex Mutual Assurance Building

The building at 179 Main Street in Middletown was built in 1867 to house the office of the Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company (established in 1836) and commercial tenants. The third floor contained a meeting hall for fraternal organizations. A rear addition was built in 1891 to accommodate the Southern New England Telephone Company and behind the addition a theater was constructed in 1892. The third floor then was used for lounges for theater patrons. The Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co. moved to a new building on Court Street in 1927.

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Josephine Bingham House (1860)

Friday, May 30th, 2014 Posted in Houses, Italianate, Windham | No Comments »

22 North Rd., Windham Center

The Josephine Bingham House, at 22 North Road in Windham Center, is an Italianate T-shaped residence with a gable roof. Built in 1860, it was the residence of Miss Josephine Waldo Bingham (born 1846), who lived with her father, Waldo Bingham, and her step-mother, Elizabeth H. Bingham and continued to reside in the house after their deaths. She furnished wallpaper to St. Paul’s Church in 1888 and was an alternate Lady Manager of Connecticut for the World’s Columbian Exhibition in 1893.

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Second Joseph Clark House (1877)

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Second Joseph Clark House

Like the house at 66 Burnside Avenue (although in need of a new paint job), the Italianate house at 74 Burnside Avenue in East Hartford was built by carpenter Joseph Clark. The house, built circa 1877, is adjacent to Clark Street, which was named for him. Unlike its neighbor, the house at no. 74 lacks a cupola, but has an Eastlake-style front porch.

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First Joseph Clark House (1872)

Friday, May 23rd, 2014 Posted in East Hartford, Houses, Italianate | No Comments »

First Joseph Clark House

At 66 Burnside Avenue in East Hartford is a beautifully preserved Italianate house. The exterior has recently been repainted. It was built in 1872 by Joseph Clark, a builder who constructed a number of houses in East Hartford.

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